Zaal Mohammed Zaal discusses Al Barrari dream

Zaal Mohammed Zaal discusses Al Barrari dream

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0.00 What inspired you to create a green living landscape in the desert?
My love for life and the roots of a tree is the source of life. Trees, Ashjar [trees in Arabic], outlive humans, civilisations, architecture and societies. The formation of trees and the nature that surrounds them to me is how communities should work. Trees love being together and love each other, understand each other’s space and respect each other and have dignity – all values we should emulate. Those are the values of life that we should follow. This is why I created Al Barari. It’s a dream come true from my love of trees.

1.40 Did you get any opposition to the proposal?
Yes absolutely. Eight years ago I presented my plans to my bankers and backers. They loved the dream – the question was in their mind and in reality, why would anyone build 300 villas with gardens, swimming pools, waterways, lakes etc? As usual they made their calculation and compared my dream to what already existed in the market. In their calculations they thought of profits and the bottom line, I thought the other way. I thought of creating value through quality of life and quality of your home. So we decided to go it alone. I created my dream and I never looked back.

3.55 Will the project be a model for future development?
As I have always said, we at Al Barari never benchmark, we are the benchmark. I also said to my development team ‘we are not game players – we are game changers’. We are certainly the future of developments to come.

4.30 How does the project reflect the UAE’s cultural traditions?
Al Barari is built on our core values, our social values and our family values, the integration and integrity of communities that live together and love each other. This is what we stand for and these are our core values.

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