“When it comes to interior design, trends are long-lasting”, says CID editor

“When it comes to interior design, trends are long-lasting”, says CID editor

This month we drafted up a trends report, as is our tradition every January. And in most industries, driving trends always seem to come and go in the blink of an eye. This is true for fashion and often film and music. However, when it comes to interior design, trends are long-lasting, dictating the market for decades at a time.

Such is the condition of trends in interior design that trying to scout new ones in the sector for a trends report is often difficult.

However, this year something changed and I’ve only just recently been able to put my finger on why that is. When Karim Rashid spoke at the DesignMENA Summit, held in early December, he noted that we are at the advent of the digital age.

And in this nascent period of a perplexing change in humanity’s history, we are witnessing developments never seen before. It is, in other words, the first time I’ve seen trends that haven’t been reported in earlier years or perhaps, haven’t been expected to last.

Such trends include 3D printing and the onslaught of futurism in design. These trends are explicitly related to the time and era that we are currently living as they are tied to the technological abilities of man. And because of them, new styles and aesthetics are marking the modern day. Aesthetics, like sinuous curves and unconventional volumes, that may have been attempted in the past but with the new technology, these stylistic endeavours have taken on new dynamics.

It is most certainly an interesting time to live in, and I can’t help but maintain an optimistic outlook as well as a curious tick to see just where these next 12 months will take us.

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