Smelling the roses

Smelling the roses

This past month we revealed the fourth edition of our Objects of Desire coffee table book.

After months of hard work and scanning the current market for the best and most forward thinking designs, I was happy to see that this year’s version is filled with joyful and colourful objects.

Last year’s edition, as the black and gold cover suggested, was more about a gothic-glam approach and outlook toward design.

Objects were dramatic, theatrical and chic. A close friend of ours told us a few weeks back that we had forecasted object design quite well, as throughout the year, this stylistic approach was common and revisited many times.

This year, the fourth edition saw a sweeping change. Objects were bright, playful in form and explored non-conventional shapes.

The Balloon Chair displayed on the cover of this month’s issue is exemplary of the objects we found to be the most desirable. Appearing to be lifted off the ground, the Balloon Chair is a whimsical design that lifts your spirits.

Of course, some objects still have that dark mysterious charm to them, but the majority are light hearted, and why shouldn’t they be? With the design industry picking up again, we felt it important to reflect on the positive future this year seems to be promising. It’s a new chapter for the GCC and Dubai especially, and it’s time we take a moment to stop and smell the roses.

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