Return of the mega projects

Return of the mega projects

The decision to build the Mall of the World this month has put Dubai back on the news agenda far beyond specialist design publications.

Newspapers across the globe have featured the massively ambitious project – which would in the emirate’s traditional style be the world’s biggest, first, etc.

Personally, I feel that anything that brings the spotlight on the GCC in a positive and ground-breaking way is great.

And throughout the magazine the project is returned to on several occasions, with respected professionals given the chance to express their feelings on the proposal itself and the issues that surround it. There is no denying the visual impact of the Mall plan.

One newspaper in the UK described it as resembling a coming together of all the utopian visions science fictions films had ever dreamed up.

But is it time to take a cautionary look? Since the global economic crash, reality stepped in when it came to large design concepts.

A report compiled by Bank of America Merrill Lynch highlighted what it called “potential policymaking complacency” in ambitious regional projects.

And, although it seems a bit much for US bankers to preach responsibility, this note of caution is one which it is worth noting. But overall there is no doubting the vision and ambition of those looking to make Dubai even more impressive.

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