Research and technology are driving commercial bathroom and kitchen design

Research and technology are driving commercial bathroom and kitchen design

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Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the most integral parts of any space. In commercial projects, they straddle form and function, while also keeping the maintenance in check. The good news is leading brands are collaborating with designers to integrate both aspects as seamlessly as possible.

Thanks to technological advances, the wheel is really being reinvented in kitchen and bathroom design. Taking advantage of extensive research and development in the areas of materials, textures and smart technology, brands such as Geberit, Roca, BagnoDesign and Duravit are upping the ante on bathrooms so much so that many other interior trends seem to have been derived from them.

From experimenting with an original building material such as concrete to giving developments an opportunity to customise their environment using colours and specific fittings, the possibilities are infinite. The themes can range from bold statements to eclectic and sophisticated spaces, providing novel options that promise to give a whole new twist to bathrooms.

Interestingly, many of these trends are echoed in kitchens, too – another interior space with tremendous scope for versatile design and application of materials and textures. With tactile elements becoming a mainstay in commercial interiors, designers are striving to provide more sensory experiences not just through visual enticement, but also through touch and feel. Functional improvements in kitchens include high-tech appliances, as well as cabinetry that have really transformed cooking spaces in commercial developments. SieMatic and Dada are a couple of names that illustrate these trends. These design updates are often led by new dining concepts, many of which put their kitchens under the spotlight.

A hot topic underscoring design trends in both bathrooms and kitchens is the heightened awareness about the environment. This comes across in the entire manufacturing process – from the material chosen to the functional attributes such as water and energy-saving features, and right down to the finished product. The sustainability message is being embraced and applied in equal measures and that is being appreciated by clients – it impacts not only the financial bottom line, but also the corporate branding of companies.


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