Regional interior design reaches maturity

Regional interior design reaches maturity

This year we received more nominations for the CID Awards than ever. Over 200 nominations were submitted and because of them I was able to really analyse the improvement made within the region’s design industry just in the past year.

From hospitality to office and leisure, the projects that are coming out are actually amazing, and that’s not a word I like to use often. Many of the projects that I looked over illustrate a widespread maturity and individuality that is occurring on a grand scale. Last year, while we received a lot of great projects, they were a bit sparser whereas this year it seems that designers are starting to pull out all the stops and be absolutely fearless with their work.

Just beyond these pages, I pulled out some projects from the submissions that I felt really reflected the direction of the nominations and moreso, illustrated the growth of the industry in recent months.

In addition to the improvement in quality of projects happening across all sectors of design, it seems that a number of new boutique agencies are popping up and delivering bespoke work that larger companies are unlikely to take on. This not only creates variation within the design landscape, but it also offers clients more options than were available before.

The design industry is definitely on an upswing and people are taking advantage of it. Whether by heading out on their own or approaching design with less inhibition, individuals and companies alike are firmly and confidently breaking the mould.

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