Coalesse opens the door to a higher degree of expression and comfort. We offer highly crafted, award-winning furnishings for designers and their clients who realise the value of artfully-appointed spaces.

Our customers want style, authenticity, and craft to inspire them everyday. They want their values embodied in their environment.

They want premium experiences and original designs. As the premium brand of Steelcase Inc, we supply a comprehensive offering that supports: lobby, lounge, conference and meeting rooms, private office, cafeterias and canteens, and informal meeting areas.

What’s New?
SW_1, a new conferencing collection design by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL. SW_1 is a clear alternative to the generic conference room. It includes lounge-inspired conference furniture that features a lowered-height table, with a conference lounge chair creating a hybrid collaborative space that’s part conference/part lounge.

The conference-lounge refers to iconic mid-century forms, while employing advanced materials and processes to achieve a contemporary expression. The low collaborative table expresses an elegant, yet more social experience to a conventional conference room solution.

We collaborate with the world’s best design talent to create inspired solutions that challenge the generic approaches that define most office environments. Using our insight based design process, our solutions are innovative and inspirational, helping to turn even the most mundane office into a creative working environment.

We offer finely crafted products made by artisans and craftsmen in the Americas. With over a 100-year history in the furniture making business, we’ve withstood the test of time and trends.

The growing Coalesse collection is comprised of many beautiful pieces, each with a different voice, unified through their textiles, materials, colours, elegant design, and live/work sensibility. Coalesse is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

All pieces have been carefully considered, each evaluated for its authenticity — the smoothness and clarity of a piece of glass, the subtlety of a low sheen, richly-grained wood finish and the appealing curve of a table’s leg or a chair’s arm.

Colours range from rich neutrals to deep, stirring hues you instinctively want to touch. Never detached, Coalesse is a visceral solution that invites an emotional response.

Our commitment to the environment is unparalleled. We use responsibly harvested woods, natural fibres, and improved coatings as part of this commitment. All our products are designed to outlast its buyer, becoming more valuable with age, to be passed on by the generations. We believe this type of reuse is the ultimate in sustainability and beautifully experienced.

We work with a mix of global and local customers. The primary focus of the brand is the office furniture segment, but we also extend our capabilities to serve speciality needs in areas such as hospitality, healthcare and education. Some of our clients in the region include: Emirates Airlines, HSBC, General Electric, New York University Abu Dhabi, Dubai American Hospital, Qatar Islamic Bank, SABIC and Princess Noura University.

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