Letting walls speak

Walls have ears, as the cliché goes. That was when they were mere lime washed structures quietly bordering a space. Then came the paint revolution and walls began wearing different colours in a variety of shades and finishes.

But at the end of the day, paint is paint. Simple everyday wear for the wall. What do you do when your clients really wants to dress their walls up for a party? Enter wall embellishments, 2013’s biggest trend in interiors. Now the walls don’t only hear—they speak as well.

Dramatic walls, of course, have long been the domain of theatres, hotels and museums. But with a little professional guidance or supervision, the walls of private homes can also play out their own drama. Here are three easy-to-do ideas:

Paper the walls
Ask your client some basic questions. Will the papering be throughout the home or one room only? Will it be all the walls in a room, parallel walls or even just one wall? Once you have a decision, start shopping. In Danube Buildmart, for example, we stock a multitude of ranges in countless colours, textures and finishes. Choose from a pattern that is bold (Envy collection), sophisticated (Annabele collection) or cute (Roomscene Princess collection).

It’s also important to remember that the smaller the space, the bigger the pattern and bolder the colour. It’s naff to get the whole house covered with the same pattern, so suggest different wallpapers for different spaces.

Encourage your clients to play with varied textures and prints but don’t push them too far. They won’t be papering over any time before the year is over, so give them something that suits their family’s personality.

Put in the panels
This year, 3D wall panels are a major trend. They are practical and easy to install and maintain. Superbly dramatic, they fit best in homes that carry an attitude.

Naturally, wall panels must be contained. Don’t let them take over the house or even a room. Encourage moderation. Play down curtains and light fixtures and ensure the furniture rounds off the effect. Of course, like wallpaper, your client should be able to live for a long time with his/her choice of wall panels.

Paint a mural
If your client wants to go the DIY route, suggest they paint a mural. You should start them off by cleaning up the wall space and painting the wall with matte emulsion paint. Then they’re free to experiment as much as they want with acrylic paints.

If they’re setting up a nursery, the mural should feature playful illustrations like cartoons or baby animals in primary colours. If they’re applying a mural to a living room, they could choose a special photograph as inspiration and get the full family involved.

If your clients want to widen the circle, they can throw a mural party. Get tubs of colours, plenty of brushes and cover up all furniture. Your clients will forever thank you for this great bonding experience.

And at the end of all the papering, paneling or painting, you will have walls that speak – and, in turn, become the talking point.

Rizwan Sajan is the founder-chairman of Danube Group

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