How to create a special atmosphere

How to create a special atmosphere

Beside the design, one of the most important ways to feel homely in a room is its lighting, particularly the warm reflection and the right interplay of light and shadow.

Since 1823, when J. & L. Lobmeyr was founded in Vienna, Austria, we’ve manufactured lead-free crystal glass and crystal chandeliers with the utmost care and precision to the material. In the process, we’ve paid a lot of attention to improving the special charisma of a chandelier.

The style, size, height, placement and material are all key factors to consider when purchasing a chandelier. The chandelier should always interact with the style of the interior design. Either it should underline the style, or it should be in complete contrast to the design, for instance, a combination of classical and modern.

The right size depends on three factors: the size and shape of the room, the furniture placed in the room and the placement of the doors and windows.

For square rooms, it’s best to divide the length of the room by five—seven to get the recommended diametre of the prefect chandelier. That’s why Lobmeyr even worked out its own “Chandelier Lighting Concept”, based on the knowledge of almost 200 years of chandelier experience, to perfectly meet the demands of customers.

Being lead free, having the perfect cut and being hand polished has a great influence on the ambience of the light, which makes everyone feel immediately comfortable in a room because the sparkle is more elegant and less obtrusive.

Only hand-refined crystal pendulums underline this effect. A certain variety of different shapes and sizes—we recommend a minimum of five shapes and sizes—give the chandelier an additional expression of a unique masterpiece.

Using high quality materials and processing are fundamental, too. The best and most durable is the old wire technique which is the strongest connection between the crystals. This method requires longer training and is a form of art in itself.

For punctuating a chandelier’s sophisticated elegance, the length of the electric candles should always suit the size of a chandelier. When in doubt, it is preferable to have longer candles as this stresses the elegance and elevates the lights.

15cm on stem length seems appropriate for a standard chandelier. Larger chandeliers can require even 30cm or more for a suitable candle length. Some Viennese Baroque Lobmeyr chandeliers are displayed at the Crystalline Shops in the Dubai Mall and Wafi Mall.

Last but not least, the application of a very special protection lacquer on every single part of the chandelier is necessary to keep the fixtures in perfect condition, especially for countries with high humidity, salty and sandy air and heavy use of air conditioning.

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