Facebook tips for designers and architects to overcome the “battle for reach”

Facebook tips for designers and architects to overcome the “battle for reach”

Facebook has been known to periodically tweak its newsfeed algorithm in order to show users only the most relevant content. With more and more content generated by almost 35M pages, users can access up to 15,000 potential stories on a daily basis. Out of these 15,000 stories Facebook will show, on average, only 300 at a time.

The battle for reach is becoming increasingly competitive. The most recent algorithm change has reduced organic reach even more, forcing page owners to allocate more of their marketing budgets towards ads. While a sound media buying strategy is needed, page owners should also work on tweaking their content in order to make the most out of organic reach.

For architects and designers, competing with pages focusing on consumer products is a challenge. On average, users are more likely to engage with a post about a product by inquiring about details, prices, and availability. Thus, architects and designers should develop clear content plans by focusing on two main factors: relevance and immediate engagement.

Relevance: The new algorithm places an emphasis on trending topics. By leveraging current and popular news, architects and designers are more likely to rank higher on the newsfeed. By talking about the Expo 2020 or the upcoming World Cup, these pages increase their chances of appearing on the user’s newsfeed and thus garner more reach and engagement. That being said, architects and designers should be careful when steering away from design-related content as it may contradict with the message and voice of the page. Content creators need to craft these posts carefully by incorporating the trending keywords with an architecture/design topic. An example of that would be talking about the design of the World Cup stadium or discussing the Kardashians’ interior design.

Immediate Engagement: The algorithm also picks up on content that garners a high engagement percentage within a short period of time. A study conducted by Wisemetrics found that 75% of engagement occurs within the first 5 hours of the post’s lifespan. With that in mind, architects and designers need to develop highly engaging content that elicits a quick response from users. Content creators can utilise design-related trivia to test users’ knowledge and garner a high number of comments on these posts. Additionally, eye-catching images of projects/designs generate likes as well as shares. Facebook also measures engagement by the number of link clicks and video plays. A post should always include a link leading back to a blog post or a project page on the website. 3D project animations and videos will also enhance engagement as users are highly likely to click a play button, even if they don’t like, comment on, or share the post.

Ayman Jaber is the Brand & Communications manager at LA CASA Architects & Engineering Consultants. He has experience in architecture marketing and is a Google Certified digital strategist and media planner. 

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