Dubai’s ambitious plans

Dubai’s ambitious plans

The news that Dubai is seeking to examine the possibility of a city which would be a base for the exploration of Mars certainly caused a few raised eyebrows (Mr Spock-fashion?) among the world’s architects.

But surely no-one can fault the vision and ambition of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in making the statement which puts Dubai on the forefront of potential space exploration projects.

Although the project is a long-term one (a century into the future in fact) there are sure to be benefits along the way as new technologies and design approaches are explored.

And when you look at the way Dubai has progressed there was a certain amount of skepticism surrounding The Palm, the Burj Khalifa and certainly The World Islands, although that project is still ongoing.

Now we have on the horizon, the Hyperloop, driverless cars and flying automated taxis.

I don’t know of anyone across the design and build spectrum who has reservations about these ideas.

In fact, everyone I have spoken to about them thinks it’s a matter of when, not if.

So the confidence is out there and why not take it on to “the final frontier”?

The project is a hundred years away so I’m pretty sure no-one reading this will be around.

But most likely many of us will ride a driverless car, a Hyperloop pod or hail a drone taxi in the not too distant future.

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