Dani Bterrani, founder 3dr Models on adapting to technology

Dani Bterrani, founder 3dr Models on adapting to technology

0.00 Are architectural models still relevant in the computer and 3d printing age?
With all the new high tech technologies available in the market these days, still nothing portray a project as vividly as a physical 3d model, it is the only way that the viewer can decide where to look and the angle they want to look at. It is proven that models are the most effective means of communication between a project and a client.

1.05 How has the business evolved?
3dr models have been in Dubai since 1989 and since then it has produced thousands of models world wide.In 2005, 3dr has merged with a HK based Model Making company RJ Models, due to high demand, this merger claimed us now as the largest Model Making company in the world with more than 560 passionate model makers. That enables us to produce more than 60 models monthly including delivery and installation world wide.

2.55 How do you adapt work to changing technologies?
Technology is ever growing and there are definitely some great new presentation concepts on the market. I have decided to adopt this technology within our models from as simple as touch screen, Ipad model control, to projector mapping over the particular models. This move has made our models available as an interactive models, as we felt the trend is leaning towards that across the entire business.

3.35 What are the major challenges in the business?
No matter how good and nicely detailed a model is, how you present it – at an exhibition for example – makes it or breaks it. I keep telling my clients that lighting over the model is critical; never underestimate the power of light, making a simple exhibition stand with the right ingredient could be way more effective than a complex one. The heart of a developer’s stand in an exhibition is the model.

4.10 How does the future of Dubai look to you?
Dubai has been my home since 1985, and I can’t see myself living anywhere else, it is certainly home and a home to be proud of. Being in the business of model making gets me to see a little of the future plans for this country and what I can say is only, ‘We have seen nothing yet’. It is only the beginning.

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