Architects break rules in interesting ways

Architects break rules in interesting ways

Architects seem to enjoy breaking the rules on what is accepted as possible in the most interesting ways.

One things that makes this job really worth doing is the constant surprises it throws up.

I’d never really have thought I’d be plummeting towards the centre of the Earth to try and understand the technology involved in getting people to the top of the first 1km tower ever constructed. But that what I’ve been doing and you can read about it in the projects section of the magazine.

It’s always inspiring to witness the way human beings tackle challenges along with the ingenuity which goes into finding solutions and the sense of adventure which is so much a part of the world of design and construction.

As well, I have been talking to some young architects about what it is they want to achieve and I don’t think I have ever encountered a more passionate and committed group of people in any walk of life. And it’s not all about the “me factor”. They truly want to change the world for the better through their designs and that is really something to be proud of.

Elsewhere in the magazine we take a lok at how the industry is contributing to the region’s economic upswing.

This month we see the deadline for entries to the Middle East Architect Awards and then the awards themselves in November. So for all those talented, enthusiastic and committed humanitarians which typify the profession – where better to showcase your talent?

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