Andrew Jackson says aesthetics and functionality are vital for commercial offices

Andrew Jackson says aesthetics and functionality are vital for commercial offices

Balancing functional requirements with aesthetics is one of the most important considerations in the commercial office sector. These factors not only create a sustainable building but ensure desired appeal for future tenants.

The right solutions can help make properties stand out from the crowd to gain early rental. The use of materials such as metal in many of today’s top grade commercial office buildings draws on the timeless appeal it has, but also on other important specification benefits.

SAS International’s metal ceiling solutions provide building tenants with value, offering a high quality, long lasting sustainable finish. They offer an inert and inherently hardwearing surface, making metal ceiling systems both hygienic and requiring little ongoing maintenance. They allow for service integration and accessibility for maintenance and cleaning.

However it is not just about the maintenance of space or products when considering lifecycle it is also about making sure space is flexible for future change to provide long-term value. For example in a rented office there will be different numbers of people using the space over the years, as length of leases vary. Therefore considering, for example, how partitioning can integrate with ceiling systems to cater for future change is paramount.

Working with project teams from the earliest stage ensures a complete understanding of what is required from the outset, and allows the provision for best of class solutions.

Considering FM requirements at this early design stage ensures both function and aesthetic demand are balanced to provide a high quality interior fit-out that will deliver long-term value.


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