Scandinavian architects design world’s tallest wooden skyscraper

Scandinavian architects design world’s tallest wooden skyscraper

Scandinavian studio C.F Møller has revealed its proposal for the world’s tallest timber-framed building for Stockholm.

Being one of the three shortlisted proposals for a housing design competition organized by HSB Stockholm, the 34-storey “Wooden Skyscraper” is presented as a vision of the future, being cheaper, easier and more sustainable than typical steel and concrete constructions.

“The main reason it hasn’t been done before is that concrete and steel have a big part of the market,” C. F. Møller architect Ola Jonsson told design blog Dezeen. “But now the building industry has started taking responsibility for the environment.”

He added: “Construction accounts for around 30-40% of CO2 produced in the world globally and if you look at the CO2 released in the production of wood it is a lot better than steel or concrete.”

Jonsson states that using wood is a cheaper alternative as it is a lighter material and less expensive to transport; it’s also more fire-resistant than both concrete and steel.

“We have a long history of building wooden structures in Sweden,” he stated. “We have a higher knowledge of how to use the wood these days and we know that glued or nailed wood does have very strong construction qualities.”

If the project gets approved, the building will be set to exceed the nine-storey Murray Grove tower in London, as well as architect Michael Green’s proposal for Vancouver.

Jonsson revealed: “I’ve seen sketches of other buildings, but we are definitely at the highest end of this discussion.”

The project will involve wooden pillars, beams, walls, ceilings and window frames that will be visible through the building’s glass façade. The structure will also include a concrete core which Jonsson said could be replaced with wood.

“We believe a modern building should use every material for its best purpose,” he commented.

Anyone can vote for the winner by visiting HSB Stockholm’s Facebook page.

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