OMA proposes bridge with pedestrian boulevard for Bordeaux

OMA proposes bridge with pedestrian boulevard for Bordeaux

OMA’s proposed a bridge design that seeks to accommodate different types of traffic, as well as pedestrians and events, has been selected by local authorities in Bordeaux, France, as one of two final competing designs.

According to OMA, the aim of the proposal is to “rethink the civic foundation and symbolism of a twenty-first century bridge” through the creation of a platform traversing the Garrone river that can be used by cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians.

Part of the design includes a wide boulevard with a gentle gradient to make the bridge easy to walk across and allow it to be used to host events.

“The studio wanted to provide the simplest expression- the least technical, least lyrical, an almost primitive structural solution. This simplicity allowed us to create a generous platform for pedestrian, as well as flexibility in accommodating the future needs of various types of traffic,” said OMA project leader, Clement Blanchet.

The winner will be decided between OMA and French firm Dietnar Feichtinger. The project will be awarded in December and is expected to be complete by 2018.

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