NBBJ proposes biodome for Amazon’s HQ

NBBJ proposes biodome for Amazon’s HQ

Architects NBBJ have proposed a revision to Amazon’s recently approved headquarters in Seattle, replacing a six-storey office building with a tri-sphere biodome.

The biodome is set to host a variety of plants so as to provide a more natural setting for employees similar to the sustainable building drive being executed by other major corporations including Apple and Google.

The transparent glass enclosure will be anchored by retail stores with areas for work, dining, meeting and lounge space, as well as various botanical zones modeled on montane ecologies from around the globe.

Each sphere is planned to make up five high bay floors, capable of fostering a mature tree.

NBBJ will design  the structures to meet LEED Gold certification, which will help minimize energy  use. The spheres will be located in an improved public park that enhances the  streetscape and reduces impact from shade and shadows.

Amazon is targeting for a completion date in 2016.

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