Karen Michelle Evans is the 2013 Interior Designer of the Year

Karen Michelle Evans is the 2013 Interior Designer of the Year

Karen Michelle Evans of HBA International has been crowned with the distinction of ‘Interior Designer of the Year’ at the 2013 Commercial Interior Design Awards.

Described as a “hospitality specialist with a true understanding of different cultures,” and someone who “creates bespoke designs suited to clients’ individual needs.” One of the judges highlighted that what sets Evans apart is her ability to create truly “experiential spaces.”

“It means an awful lot to me personally, and to all the other designers and the people that I work with, because it is also a team. So it’s for them as well,” said Karen Michelle Evans, managing associate, HBA International.

“Because I have been with that team for a long time and we worked together on many projects–and I think the recognition comes also to them,” she added.

Speaking of projects, she said: “I think, as a designer, every project becomes very personal. So they’ve all been challenging and enjoyable to be a part of.”

 The Interior Designer of the Year award was created to recognise a professional, forward-thinking individual who consistently delivers original, intelligent and effective design solutions for their clients.

Also highly commended for this award category was Diane Thorsen from Pringle Brandon Perkins + Will, for her ability to bring beautiful concepts to life. According to the judges, Thorsen has a flawless application of Art Deco design.

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