Kafka goes rose

Kafka goes rose

Lebanese design brand Kafka Goes Pink has recently unveiled a new collection of sweetly scented candles.

Founded in 2007 by Lebanese designer and architect Fady Saliba, Kafka Goes Pink is a leading interior design brand that focuses on traditional Lebanese artistry for metal lighting fixtures and oriental style tables.

Saliba explains: “I created Kafka Goes Pink in 2007 when I felt like design reached an era where all the modern concepts looked alike and that my Lebanese heritage inspired by the civilization that ‘cohabited’ together in history is dying like Egyptian, Syrian, Moroccan and Turkish influences.

“Kafka Goes Pink is about design with stories made new using luxurious material, creating models with a modern twist.”

The latest addition to KGP’s collection, the candles have been made to impress, as they’re floral scents include jasmine and rose. Their exterior cases also carry the brand’s style identity as they come in metal and copper.

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