Transformation proposed for Henning Larsen’s tower

Transformation proposed for Henning Larsen’s tower

Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter has proposed a concept to transform skyscrapers into power-generated factories, covering the Stockholm high-rises with “electrically- generated bristles.”

The project uses Henning Larsen’s Söder Torn tower in Stockholm as an example, designing a wind farm that is set to go on top of the building with a 16-storey extension, covering the façade with “hairy-looking plastic straws designed to move in the wind.”

The unusual application of fibres along the façade, which will move along in the wind, makes the building seem as if it’s “breathing,” according to the architects.

The individual plastic bristles operate using piezoelectric technology, which generate electricity through mechanical pressure.

The technology itself has been explored throughout other applications, such as storing energy from the floors of public spaces where the footsteps of people per day could produce electricity. This makes air movement and pressure change at varying altitudes along with the façade of the towers that would harness energy.

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