Designs unveiled for BIG’s Lego House project

Designs unveiled for BIG’s Lego House project

Danish studio BIG’s designs for toy brand Lego has been unveiled and showcases a visitor centre inspired by the company’s famous plastic bricks.

The 7,600 square-meter building will be mounted in a public square in Billund, Denmark, the home towm of Lego. BIG’s designs will resemble gigantic Lego bricks that are “combined and stacked in a creative way to create an imaginative experience both outside and inside.”

Bjarke Ingles, founder of BIG stated: “It’s going to be looking at Lego from all its different aspects—Lego as an art form, its cultural impact.”

The building will house exhibition spaces, retail units,  a café and also include several rooftop gardens as well as sheltered spaces beneath the building that will be accessible to the public.

In a statement on the company’s website,  marketing spokesperson Peter Folam said: “The creative use of the Lego brick shape is a true visualisation of the systematic creativity that is at the core of Lego play.”

Construction for the project is set for the beginning of 2014, with completion planned for 2016.

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