Boutique practices take on “big boys”

Boutique practices take on “big boys”

A change within the market across the UAE has seen a wave of boutique architectural firms come to the fore in recent years.

Fariborz Hatam is at the helm of one of these, Dubai-based FHSI Architects which he founded after a spell as design director at Aedas – established to compete with “the big boys”..

Taking the stage at the summit conference he said smaller firms are in a good position to respond to changes across the business.

“We only take on projects we feel are worthwhile and we can see through to the end,” he said. “There is a great deal of expertise within FSHI. We even have a psychologist who analyses how building design will relate to the people who live and work in the environment being created.

“A greater degree of adaptability comes from a boutique practice. It is not a one-size fits all approach – it is tailored to exact demands.”

Among Hatam’s work is a masterplan for the Afghan capital city of Kabul, the Masdar Mist neighbourhood – the first zero-carbon zero-waste community in the region and the Mandalina Marina in Sibenik, Croatia, which won an architectural award at Dubai Cityscape.

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