Zaha Hadid’s Wangjing complex nears completion

Zaha Hadid’s Wangjing complex nears completion

The Wangjing Soho complex designed by Zaha Hadid Architects  for real estate developer Soho China is nearing completion and is scheduled to open later this year.

The retail and office complex, located in Beijing, China beside the main road that winds down from Beijing Capital Airport to the city centre, is a series of three large pebble shaped buildings.

When the architect and design team announced its plans for design in 2011, it noted that the complex looked like a trio of Chinese fans that “appear to move around each other in an intricate dance.”

ZHA added: “This interplay creates a vibrant architectural complex that is enhanced by an equally dynamic external skin, which continuously varies in density creating a shimmering, exciting presence.”

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