Zaha Hadid to design Iraq Parliament building

Zaha Hadid to design Iraq Parliament building

International architect Zaha Hadid has officially signed a deal to design the new building for the Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad, Iraq.

The decision has surprised many as Hadid came in third place in a competition for the parliament’s design run by Royal Institute of British architects at the request of the Iraqi government. The competition’s first place design was delivered by Assemblage architects.

But because of the competition’s policy, the government is under no obligation to comply with the competition’s top winning design.

The Iraqi council has been in talks with Zaha Hadid, releasing news of an agreement between the two. The Iraq Parliament building will be Hadid’s second in her native country, after the Central Bank of Iraq. 


*The photo displayed is the now deserted design by Assemblage, as Hadid’s designs have yet to be released. 

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