Zaha Hadid-designed Bee’ah HQ tops out in Sharjah

Zaha Hadid-designed Bee’ah HQ tops out in Sharjah

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Bee'ah Headquarters, Zaha Hadid Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects has won an international competition to design a new waste management project in the UAE. UAE environment and waste management firm Bee’ah has selected the architects to create a 7,000m2 headquarters in the emirate of Sharjah, which will aid the company to realise its environmental goals. Hadid has proposed a fleet of sweeping “sand dunes” oriented to optimised the prevailing Shamal winds as well as limiting the quantity of glazing exposed to the severe sun.


Bee’ah commemorated the completion of the highest point of its new Zaha Hadid-designed headquarters with a topping out ceremony, held earlier this month at the site in Al Saj’ah.

Bee’ah says the event indicates the progress of the project, and is on course for a Q4 2018 opening.

The steelwork for the massive structure has been completed, while the architectural concrete dome which forms the centrepiece of the project has been put in place.

Construction on external envelopes for the roof and walls is ongoing. The main structure of the visitors’ centre and of the Main Dune is complete, while that of the standalone energy centre is 50% complete.

The new Bee’ah HQ has been created with an environmentally sound structure, which will have minimal negative impact on the environment, across its lifetime, the company said.

“I believe that we cannot envision a future of being a sustainable city, without advancements in green architecture. Through our HQ project, we have formed partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned entities, to examine as to how we can maximise the potential for sustainability in the built environment,” said HE Salim Al Owais, chairman of Bee’ah.

“With its ultra-low carbon footprint, minimal water and energy usage and the efficient recycling of construction materials, this project will set a benchmark for all future green construction projects in the Gulf region. It is also a model for a green building system that can be replicated across the UAE, as the nation seeks to transition into a green economy,” he said.


In addition to being completely powered by renewable energy, the new headquarters uses products like recycled aggregate in construction, incorporates energy and water saving fixtures, maximises the benefit of natural elements like sunlight and winds for heating and cooling, utilises native vegetation for landscaping, and ensures reuse of greywater.

The design features a fleet of sweeping “sand dunes” oriented to optimise the prevailing Shamal winds as well as limiting the quantity of glazing exposed to the sun.

It also includes two primary dunes-shaped structures that will house the public, management and administrative section, connecting through a central courtyard “oasis” inside the building.

View renders of the interiors of Hadid’s Bee’ah project on designMENA. 


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