Zaha Hadid Architects wins competition to build large technopark in Moscow

Zaha Hadid Architects wins competition to build large technopark in Moscow

Zaha Hadid Architects has won an international design competition to build the Sberbank Technopark at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre in Moscow, considered to be Russia’s Silicon Valley. It is planned to house laboratories and campuses of the country’s fast-growing IT, bio medical, energy, nuclear and space innovations.

The firm is currently servicing over 70% of Russia’s population, according to the press release by the architects.

The 131,000m2 project is set to become the bank’s cradle of IT innovations, accommodating its 10,000-12,000 staff who currently work in Sberbank’s information technology and marketing departments.

Image courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects analysed the various work processes and arrangements of the bank technololgy and marketing departments to inform the overall design of the project. The design itself is planned to enable the firm’s workforce to pilot innovations and develop prototypes for inventive, high quality solutions.

The necessity to innovate and collaborate is fundamental to Sberbank’s operations.  Our research into interconnected, multi-function environments has driven the Sberbank Technopark design. It responds to the bank’s requirements for enhanced communication, interaction and diversification. The design reconfigures working relationships and adopts a holistic approach to creating an engaging environment that offers a diversified range of facilities both internally and externally,” said Christos Passas, project director at Zaha Hadid Architects.

Image courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects

“The incredible belief in the power of invention attracted Zaha Hadid to the Russian avant-garde. She realized how architecture can enrich creativity; how space itself can enhance dynamism, complexity, coherence and continuity. These principles are embedded within the Sberbank Technopark design,” Passas added.

“It’s realistic to start building work in 18 months’ time, and the building will take another two years to complete,” said Sberbank President German Gref.

Other architectural firms competing to design the Sberbank Technopark were Speech (Russia), Foster + Partners (UK), Eric Owen Moss Architects (USA) and Fuksas (Italy).


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