ZA Architects reveals Mars Colonisation Project

According to ZA Architects, robots could be sent to Mars to build and prepare caves that would later prove hospitable for human colonisation.

German architecture and design firm ZA Architects has revealed its research project at Dessau Institute of Architecture, HS Anhalt, Germany, which concerns a future human habitation of the familiar red planet.

The design firm confirms that humans can colonise Mars by living in underground lodging dug out by an advanced group of solar-powered robots.

According to ZA Architects, the robots will be flown to Mars to carve out large empty spaces in the basalt bedrock, digging at areas where the rock has formed hexagonal columns – signifying where lava has rapidly cooled. The created voids will boast cathedral-like interior spaces.

The robots will then weave web-like levels from the basalt fibres within the dwellings. Such fire proof material does not corrode and is already in use in the aerospace and automotive industries; it is cheaper and more versatile than carbon fibre and is stronger and lighter than steel.

The Mars Colonisation Project is led by Dmitry Zhuikov, Arina Ageeva, and Krassinir Krastev of ZA Architects. Ageeva believes that humans will be ready for the move within a decade, stating: “Right now it is may not be possible, because such robotics do not exist, but generally we don’t see anything unrealistic in this proposition.”

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