W New York unveils renovated meeting and event spaces

D-ash design, W New York

W New York has undergone a complete redesign of its eight meeting and event spaces including the hotel’s signature 3,690 square foot Great Room.

Designed by New York-based interior firm, d-ash design, each space combines form and function to offer what the designers call an “urban escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.”

The design has been inspired by the dual New York landscape, from grandeur to sophistication. W New York’s 8,508 square feet of renovated areas reflect the eclectic elements created by the city, for an ideal location for corporate meetings to social gatherings.

Through lighting, colour, pattern and furnishings, each design element is a nod to Manhattan.

Celebrated architectural landmarks appear on the window scrims in each meeting room and a faint shadow of the city’s skyline on the area’s newly carpeted floor highlight New York’s character.

Modern lighting and complete reconfiguration provide flexibility, and can change a daytime meeting room into an evening event space.

The Great Room, which has played host to hundreds of weddings, concerts, and high-profile events has been reimagined with updates from floor to ceiling. The ceiling is adorned by a glass sculpture that celebrates the Manhattan’s bright lights and gridded order.

The contemporary chandelier includes hundreds of suspended glass panels lit byLED lights, allowing for endless coloured and neutral lighting options.

Assembly 3, looking over the hotel’s Living Room, features a long modular sofa which is backed by a screen of upright metal bands, creating a layer of privacy while paying reference to New York’s vertical nature.

Later this year, the hotel’s Living Room, which is W’s take on the traditional hotel lobby, will undergo a complete overhaul, updating its iconic David Rockwell designed décor. Details on its design have not yet been released.

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