X-Architects exhibits at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Local architecture firm X-Architects is currently exhibiting its works at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark as part of the  ‘Arab Contemporary- Architecture, culture and identity’ exhibition.

The exhibition will be running until the 4th of May 2014 and is the second part of the ‘Architecture, culture and identity’ series, the former called New Nordic that was shown in 2012.

The exhibition series deals with how architecture creates identity and shapes the culture of a specific country or region.

Other studios involved in the exhibition include Atelier Jean Nouvel and Henning Larsen Architects, who each demonstrate how they are involved in creating new interpretations.

The spotlight of the exhibition is new cities such as Dubai, old Yemeni civilisations and new architectural projects that show the desert as a ‘place’.

It features architecture and art as well as documentary films and photography.

You can also preview the release about the exhibition from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art website which includes a video.

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