Would you pay $57,000 for a pillow made of gold?

Would you pay $57,000 for a pillow made of gold?

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Dutch neck specialist Thijs van der Hilst will unveil world’s most expensive pillow at Index exhibition, taking place in Dubai next month, and he is convinced it will solve any sleeping woes.

The physical therapist turned inventor is promising a lifetime of perfect sleep to those willing to splurge more than $57,000 on his gold-encrusted pillow.

Hilst spent 15 years developing the tailor-made pillow, using 3D scanners, printers, a complex mathematical algorithm, Mulberry silk, Egyptian cotton and fabric made of 24 carat gold.

Befitting its ultimate extravagance, the world’s most expensive pillow will be unveiled in Dubai, when Hilst will showcases the debut prototype at the Index Design Series interiors exhibition.

He comments: “As a cervical specialist I used to advise my patients to buy a good pillow. But what is the best pillow for which patient, I asked myself. If there are three sizes of pillows available, which one would fit the best? As our feet are all different, so are our shoulder heights and neck lengths. And the sleeping position varies person to person. Everyone is unique – so the pillow should be too. With our portable scanner, we offer 3D scans for clients around the world. Once we have the scan, we use our in-house algorithm to calculate and draw the right pillow. This 3D drawing is then imported into our robotic milling machine, which makes the pillow out of non-toxic Dutch memory foam.”

Once the core of the pillow is ready, as Hilst further explains, his team of craftsmen create a precisely fitting cover made out of 24 carat gold to block all radiation during the night.

Samantha Kane-Macdonald, director at Index, says that Hilst’s tailor-made pillow is one of the most anticipated products they ever had at Index.

“As an interiors exhibition, we cater to all budgets and styles and can’t wait to see the response to a pillow that guarantees a perfect night’s sleep. For me, I’d maybe need a lie down after spending $57,000 on a pillow, but many of our visitors may well just find that Thijs creativity, expertise and advanced technologies could change their lives forever.”

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