World’s first precious gemstone bath sells for AED6.4m

World’s first precious gemstone bath sells for AED6.4m

Caijou gemstone, Dubai International Jewellery Week, Le Grand Queen bathtub, The Caijou Group

Le Grand Queen bathtub, created from a rare and precious Caijou gemstone that is renowned for its strong healing benefits, sold for AED6.4 million at Dubai International Jewellery Week recently.

The bath is on show for guests who attend the event, which ends at 10pm today at Dubai Intrnational Convention and Exhibition Centre.

“The Caijou gemstone bathtub is a unique luxury object, crafted out of one of the strongest healing stones in the world,” said Reka Peresa, sales and marketing director, The Caijou Group.

“Ancient Chinese, Arab and Egyptian civilisations knew of this stone’s beauty and its healing ability, having stored over 100 million years of energy from the earth and universe. This is our first ever sale worldwide and we are delighted it was made at the Dubai International Jewellery Week. The response we’ve received here has been wonderful.”

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