World’s largest lighting installation by LG

World’s largest lighting installation by LG

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One of the world’s largest LED lighting installation has been implemented at the LG Twin Towers headquarters in Korea.

The installation will provide 53% energy savings over similar and traditional fluorescent lights.

“This accomplishment shows that LED lighting can deliver cost and energy savings in commercial scales, while being more eco-friendly at the same time. This feat was only possible because of breakthroughs in LED technology that LG has pioneered,” said H Paik, president, LG Electronics Gulf FZE.

LG’s Twin Towers headquarters buildings have been fitted with energy and cost-saving LG LED lights and a dedicated lighting control system.

LG has estimated that in a year, the lighting systems on both buildings will save a total of 1,717 MWh of electricity, for a 53% saving over similar buildings using conventional fluorescent lighting technology.

LG has estimated that its lighting range provides energy savings from 20-80%, and can last five to ten times longer.

“LG is committed to leading research and development in LED lighting, and we will continue to apply real-world solutions through technological breakthroughs,” added Paik.

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