World’s first materials library to open in Dubai

World’s first materials library to open in Dubai

The world’s first materials library is scheduled to open in Dubai, UAE this year.

D-Town Library, the brainchild of D-Town Enterprises chief executive officer Rowdha Ali Mohammed AlSakit, will boast the capacity to become the largest archive of materials on the planet.

The project will be accessible to both design-related industries and the public, and will feature thousands of materials.

Commenting on the idea behind the development, AlSakit said: “The concept of D-Town Library has been put together after seeing the void in the global market – connectivity as the heart of knowledge and trade.

“The concept will connect and bridge the gap between the world’s industries and the consumers. People need to know what is available and how to use it in order to simply start creating, enrich innovation, and come up with something new. For all that to happen, people need tools, and the library will be an essential tool.”

The premises is due to open before the end of the year, and will have the capacity to display thousands of samples. The archive will include materials with applications across a range of sectors, including construction, manufacturing, and fashion.

Visitors to the library will also have the opportunity to consult with engineers in relation to materials’ compositions, applications, and details of their manufacture.

D-Town Library is in the process of selecting the materials that will comprise its launch archive. It has already signed memoranda of association (MoA) with materials manufacturers in New York, Paris, and Tokyo, according to D-Town Enterprisees.

“We want D-Town Library to become the space where the creative community meets knowledge and innovation,” added AlSakit. “This will be a meeting point for likeminded people; a centre of knowledge where innovators and creatives can exchange ideas and bring their projects to life.”


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