Workspace International comes to Dubai

Workspace International comes to Dubai

Dubai’s growing reputation as the regional hub of design and architecture is leaving massive impressions across the globe, as American, European and East Asian companies are coming to set up local branches.

Workspace International, an award-winning Scandinavian interior design firm is one such company that has recently launched an office space in Dubai’s Media City, with plans for it to eventually settle in Dubai’s Design District.

“Dubai has built a reputation for being open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Dubai’s pragmatic, open attitude and people well-exposed to global trends is an important matter for us too. We have experienced that customers want to have ‘new blood’ and new ideas,” says Ippa Hertzberg, managing director, Workspace.

“The growing demand for trendy style and designs with Scandinavian touch is also playing a significant role as to why we launched in Dubai. From the business point of view, the business is blooming in the UAE and there’s good demand. After the announcement of the world Expo 2020, everyone is more encouraged to come and develop.”

Workspace offers everything from concept design consultancy to branding for hospitality, office and retail projects. It works to reflect the client’s business strategy, vision and values through interior design schemes. Kenny Hytonen, Partner and head designer, points out that at Workspace, the team is not only driven by its passion to create seamless environments where users are excited to explore the space, but “the most important asset is that we can help increase our customers’ sales. People buy based on their perceptions and these are heavily dictated by the effectiveness of a business brand.”

The Workspace team consists of not only designers and architects, but also psychologists, engineers, HR specialists and economists. Together the many differing experts create various design schemes ideal and most suitable to each client.

“At Workspace,” says Hytonen, “we believe that in order to design the best space, there is a need to understand how people are inspired, how they choose a hotel or go to a certain restaurant or mall. With a holistic approach and interdisciplinary team, the outcome is not only a great design, but it has a scientific approach too. And that is the key to our success.”

As of yet, Workspace has gained a lot of momentum, with a number of requests coming in. According to Hertzberg, the design agency has recently designed retail shows, offices, schools and private homes. “We also believe strongly in our branding concept consultation. There seems to be a need for it on the market,” confirms Hytonen.

He adds: “Dubai is very much on the edge when talking about lifestyle, design and people. We think that our way of design will be very much welcomed here. It is a design in place.

“The unique thing about Workspace International is that we do not only employ architects and designers, but we also have brand specialists, economists and psychologists working for us too…So we really go into people’s minds. You not only get a great design, you get a scientific approach too. That has been proven to be the best way for our customers to get their return on investment.”

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