Woods Bagot asks aviation industry to focus on individual passengers

Woods Bagot asks aviation industry to focus on individual passengers

Director, James Berry, Passenger Terminal World, Transportation & infrastructure, Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot is calling on the aviation industry to tighten its focus on individual passengers and less on demographic trends, as it launches its research paper WARP Speed at Passenger Terminal World (PTW) 2012, in Vienna.

“The aviation industry has lagged in designing initiatives and experiences that focus on individual customers,” said James Berry, director, transportation & infrastructure, Woods Bagot.

“Whilst demographic profiling is necessary to understand broader preferences of cohorts, individual profiling will be critical to the future of successful airport operations.”

Written over four chapters, WARP Speed looks at the present, forecasts future trends, and questions the norm, across topics such as trends, technology, the pax experience and efficiency.

“As architects, we inhabit a world that is continually looking forward to a better, more sustainable future. This process of future casting and present-day application allows us to make incremental steps toward an improved world. It also generates the odd breakthrough that allows us to make leaps forward,” added Berry.

“We call on airports to use their ‘property drawcard,’ as a leverage to attract global business; as airports offer an ostensible advantage in providing multi-national organisations with a well located office.

“We seek a revised governance model that transcends the management of day-to-day activities into longer-term strategic planning efforts to benefit all airport stakeholders.”

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