Wood and steel structure stands tall on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

Wood and steel structure stands tall on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

Emaar has unveiled a 15m high sculpture called ‘Chorus’ by Korean sculptor on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in Dubai.

Jeahyo Lee’s Chorus is erected in front of Vida Downtown Dubai, the newly launched hotel chain, sculpted using 3.4 tonnes of steel and 7.6 tonnes of wood.

The work is inspired by the flow and rhythm of a group of people gathered in Gwanghwamun Square in South Korea.

Having been previously presented at Design Days Dubai by exhibitor Croft, the sculptor assembled the structure over five months. The piece also pays homage to Downtown Dubai, a place where people from around the world come together.

“I am honoured to present Chorus in Downtown Dubai, where people from all over the world gather. My work reflects the spirit of togetherness and the emotions behind this great assembly of cultures. Ultimately, it exudes a unique form of solidarity.”

Lee uses natural materials in his work including branches and leaves while complementing with steel and stone. He has over 22 years of experience in visual arts, creating works in irregular geometric forms.

“Ahmad Al Matrooshi, managing director of Emaar Properties said: “One of the fast-evolving cultural hubs of the region, Downtown Dubai is enhancing the artistic identity of the city with compelling works of art by accomplished artists from around the world. Chorus is a perfect testament to the multicultural identity of Dubai and the community, and will be another aesthetic attraction on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.”


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