Winning proposal for Iran’s Expo 2015 pavilion exposes underground water channels

The Laboratario di Architettura e Design (LAD) alongside consulting engineers Naqsh,E,Jahan-Pars (NJP) has won the international competition to design Iran’s pavilion for 2015 Milan Expo.

The project is based on “a living process narrative in the central plateau of Iran,” responding to the Expo’s theme: “Feeding the Planet,” by exposing underground water channels that give life to the many deserts of Iran.

It highlights the two major elements of modern Iranian architecture and city planning including the garden and “qanats,” underground water channels that use gravity to transfer water from higher elevations to the city.

The form of the pavilion is a representation of a section of land which guides visitors through a qanat to the crop that it feeds. The garden then provides the food that will be used to serve local Iranian cuisine to the Expo visitors.

Architecture blog Archdaily, however notes that although the proposal won the competition, whether or not the Iranian government will proceed with the development still remains unclear.


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