Winning d3 table design reflects Emirati custom of social gatherings

Winning d3 table design reflects Emirati custom of social gatherings

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Creative laboratory Superfuturedesign has been awarded first prize in a competition to create a communal table to reflect the Emirati tradition of gathering for social occasions.

Urban Commissions, is a design competition set up by Dubai Design District (d3) and Dubai Culture & Arts Authority to engage with the UAE’s creative community.

Superfuturedesign founded by four Italian partners in Dubai in 2009, won with Mu.TABLE, a series of simple, minimalist, modular elements composed of concrete volumes, and plywood tabletops at 45 degree angles locked into a welded steel structure without the use of screws.

Urban Commissions winners

Tables are alternated with concrete blocks that secure the structure into place. The larger blocks serve as planters for olive trees which create shadows and integrate nature. The smaller blocks can be used as charging stations if located close to an electrical outlet.

More tables can be added and the whole configuration can be easily relocated with the help of a forklift.

Cecilia Morosi, design director, said: “We wanted to use materials that are simple but also flexible and easy to replace in case of damage.

“We come from Tuscany, which has some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, so we wanted to incorporate greenery in the concrete planters as we know how important it is to have nature around us. The olive tree is also the symbol of peace, so we thought it would be perfect for a table that caters to so many different people and cultures.”

The partners also include Andrea Sensoli, Andrea Rettori and Iacopo Mannelli. All studied at the University of Architecture in Florence before founding their practice ASZarchitetti in the city in 1998.

They opened an office in Dubai in 2009.

Mohammad Saeed Al Shehhi, COO of d3 commented: “At d3, we are delighted to be partnering with initiatives like this that contributes our vision of creating a home for creativity designed by the community, for the community.”

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