Wilson Associates dishes up French cuisine in Moscow

Wilson Associates dishes up French cuisine in Moscow

A food & beverage design studio, Blueplate, Dan Kwan, Wilson Associates

Blueplate, a food & beverage design studio by Wilson Associates, has launched a restaurant concept at Lotte Hotel Moscow: Les Menus par Pierre Gagnaire.

Due to spatial limitations, and the fact that the restaurant was to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, the design team created a multi-purpose space that would showcase the culinary artistry of Michelin three-star chef Pierre Gagnaire in the manner of an art gallery.

“The dining enclaves elegantly merge French European-Classical architecture and Russian ornamentation to create a chic, glamorous dining experience unlike anything Moscow has seen before,” said Dan Kwan, senior VP and Blueplate Studios executive design director, Wilson Associates.

“In the end, drama was very important in the design, tempered with some whimsy. It’s important to remember that the dining experience is one of entertainment. Each innovative restaurant concept Blueplate studios introduces is a collection of art, poetry, ambience and fine cuisine.”

The casual dining area, with an open food counter, is designed to be residential in look and feel.
The walls and ceiling are lined with classical molding, a traditional adornment, which is off-set by contemporary high-gloss and gold-leaf finishes that compliment the Russian patterned tin ceiling.

Guests are seated in chic, over-sized chairs with modern silkscreen prints of Louis XIV adorned on the backs. Over-sized European lanterns, set with super-scaled crystals and plush shades, illuminate the space, aesthetically marrying tradition with a new design vocabulary.

The private dining venue is off-set by a semi transparent wall, so VIP guests can absorb the overall ambience of the restaurant, yet enjoy their privacy. This space houses a tufted wall in a classical Russian floral pattern, which foils the Moscow cityscape.

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