White Sky unveils futuristic ‘iHouse’ for KSA, UAE

White Sky unveils futuristic ‘iHouse’ for KSA, UAE

White Sky Group, a Munich-based architectural firm, has presented the inital design schemes for its iHouse, a zero-energy residential concept for the GCC market, in Dubai and Riyadh.

The 300m2 units will target LEED Gold and Platinum using the environmental technologies of the most advanced German suppliers, and are designed to interact with electric cars and even gyro-copters in a futuristic vision of mobility.

Tobias Lindemann, White Sky Group CEO, said: “I am confident we can build houses tomorrow with the same quality promise, German premium car makers deliver today. Building is a complex process on site, and the more we configure, manufacture and assemble in advance, the better the results.”

Lindemann continued: “The White Sky iHouse follows the tradition of Buckminster Fuller and Oskar Niemeyer. Our advantage is, finally we have all technologies at hand.”

Florian Oettl, MD of White Sky Group AD&D (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), further highlighted the panoramic disposition of the homes, as well as the flexibility in terms of modifications to the units with the addition of further pre-fabricated glass and carbon modules.

The next step for the group, which has previously been involved in the design of highrises, hotels, villas, hospitals and malls, is the testing of the prototype in a pilot scheme to gauge market demand.

The unveiling of the concept also follows the July win by White Sky Group | Gewers & Pudewill of a contract with Riyadh’s Al Fayadh Consultants for a 91-hectare development in Makkah on behalf of Jadwa Investment, and for which the masterplan is now in the final approval stage for with the authorities.

Tobias Lindemann is an architect, engineer and entrepreneur with a focus on green-tech developments and new technologies and urban strategies. He currently works from White Sky’s offices in Bad Oeynhausen and München, and the White Sky Group | Gewers & Pudewill office in Berlin.

Florian Oettl has previously won international competitions for ‘Best Built Office Building’ in the Middle East Architects Awards 2010; ‘Best Future Residential Project’ at Abu Dhabi Cityscape 2011; and ‘Young Architect of the Year’ category of the Middle East Architects Awards 2011.

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