Vienna tower is Austria’s tallest building

Vienna tower is Austria’s tallest building

Austria has a new tallest building after French firm Dominique Perrault Architecture finished a 220-metreglass façade skyscraper in Vienna.

DC Tower 1 sits on the eastern bank of the Danube River, where it will be joined in 2016 by a smaller facing tower with a facade that will appear to mirror it.

The 58-storey tower containing offices, apartments, a hotel and a top-floor sky bar rises above a public plaza.

When the second tower is constructed it will be angled slightly so the space between the uneven facades of the two buildings will frame views of the city from the river.

“The towers function as two pieces of a gigantic monolith that seems to have split into two unequal halves, which then open to create an arch with undulating and shimmering facades that bring the newly created public space to life in the void created there,” said Dominique Perrault.

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