Video: Tim Martin of Perkins+Will discusses the versatile and social nature of airport passenger terminal design

In a video interview with designMENA, Tim Martin, director of aviation and transport at Perkins+Will architecture firm talks about the intuitive and adaptable facets of airport interior design.

Martin opines that airports are multi-faceted places, where passengers want to have a hassle free experience and get through as efficiently and quickly as they possibly can. “Our job as interior designers is to aid that process by giving them easy intuitive wayfinding gestures to find their next pulse point,” he says.

“The aviation industry has grown massively over the last 30 years or so, and continues to do so year on year with passenger numbers going up. The industry is adapting well, but it’s also more process driven now. People, who are leaving on a long trip, or emigrating, want to be able to spend the last few minutes before their journey with family and friends. This, of course, also has the added benefit for the operators because of revenue generation, and for the owners because their airports become more dominant flying hub in the region.”

Read the full interview on the fascinating world of airport interior design with Tim Martin

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