Video: James Patterson’s latest novel is designed to self destruct in 24 hours

Celebrated American novelist James Patterson’s latest work “Private Vegas’” book launch has taken an unconventional twist at honouring his reader’s eagerness to peel through the pages of his novels.

Adrenaline-loving readers will have to race against the clock to experience the “most thrilling reading experience ever” with the self-destructing book promises to disappear within 24 hours.

There are two versions of the book launch campaign. The first is a digital book released through a web application where 1,000 readers will gave one day to race through to the ending before the story vanishes from vie, leaving them without an ending.

The second version can be acquired through the thrilling price of %294,038. The winner can purchase the book, along with a private trip to an undisclosed luxury location including a 5-course meal with the author himself. Also included in this package are gold binoculars to read from a safe distance and a swat team for book handling after the explosion.

Watch the video below to see how both options work.

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