Video games to help with architecture and interior design

Video games to help with architecture and interior design

Aspect Studios, Woods Bagot

Video games meet real world architecture and design, with Woods Bagot and Aspect Studios developing an interactive model for the Shijiazhuang International Exhibition and Conference Centre in China.

The technology used in video games can be used to bring real world environments to life, according to Vivi Chau, innovation manager, Aspect Studios.

“Game engines can be used to create user-friendly interactive 3D environments to visualise a complex range of information.

“In the field of urban design and architecture they provide a useful complement to traditional methods of public communication such as architectural visualisation, animations and fly-throughs,” said Chau.

Chau said since many projects already have 3D information, studios with the know-how can create real-time 3D models from existing data using game engine technology.

Application of lighting and environment effects, restriction of movement to key areas, and addition of 3D models (people, traffic, vegetation) add context to the interactive model.

Architects and developers can then record their own videos, take pictures or use the model during workshops as well as providing marketing material.

Chau said real-time 3D models can also be used earlier in the design process to test development scenarios.

Working with Woods Bagot, the Aspect Studios team recently developed an interactive model, which Woods Bagot is using to collaborate across its London, Shanghai and New York studios.

Jesse Sago, digital team leader, Aspect Studios said: “The ability to cross language barriers and enable the public to visualise the design means that they instantly understand what the project is all about.”

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