Video: French artist projects digital arabesques along Sharjah waterfront

In celebration of Sharjah’s 17th Isamic Art Festival, French artist Miquel Chevalier created oriental patterns for an interactive virtual-reality installation projected on the floor of the Majaz Waterfront.

Entitled the ‘Digital Arabesques 2014’, the installation recreates traditional Islamic art in digital form, including multi-coloured graphic scenes with reference to Zelliges art, arabesques, mosaics and mashrabiya latticework.

“Sophisticated geometrical patterns are driven by mathematical logic, creating a wave that forms and deforms to reveal a colourful, breathing universe that is continually renewed.

“As viewers interact with the piece, they create disturbances in the trajectories of these mobile designs beneath their feet, resulting in an unprecedented interactive and visually immersive experience. The projection on the floor of the fountain piazza creates a vivid world of colours and forms with movement reminiscent of a kaleidoscope and symbolic of the infinity of nature and creation,” Dezeen reports.

The featured video has been produced by filmmaker Claude Mossessian using a drone camera.


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