Venice Biennale architecture judges announced

Venice Biennale architecture judges announced

The board of directors of La Biennale di Venezia has appointed the International Jury for the Architecture Biennale.

The five-member team is Pippo Ciorra, Sergio Fajardo, Marisa Moreira Salles, Hashim Sarkis, and Karen Stein.

Architect and critic Pippo Ciorra has been the Senior Curator for architecture at Rome’s MAXXI, Museum of the 21st Century Arts.

 Sarkis is the dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT, and former professor of landscape architecture and urbanism at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. An architectural advisor and design critic, Stein is the executive director of the George Nelson Foundation in the US.

Brazilian Moreira Salles is a publisher and entrepreneur in the field of technology, and founder of Arq.Futuro, a think tank on the future of cities. Mathematics professor Sergio Fajardo is a former mayor of Medellin, Colombia.

The International Jury awards the official prizes of the Biennale: the Golden Lion for the best National Participation; the Golden Lion for best participant in the International Exhibition, around the theme Reporting From the Front; and the Silver Lion for a promising young participant in the International Exhibition.

The jury also has the option to award a number of special mentions: one to a national pavilion, and a maximum of two for those participating in the International Exhibition.

The prestigious Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement award is selected directly by the Biennale’s curator, Pritzker-Prize winning architect Alejandro Aravena has already been announced. The award will go to Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, noted for his public buildings across Brazil.

“He is a nonconformist challenger and simultaneously a passionate realist. His fields of interest are beyond architecture, in political, social, geographical, historical and technical realms,” said the directors of the Biennale. “The role model he played for many generations of architects in Brazil, Latin America and everywhere is that of a person able to join shared and collective efforts, as well as someone able to attract others to the cause of a better built environment.”



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