Upside-down building stuns Londoners

Upside-down building stuns Londoners

Passers-by have been astonished at the sight of a building in London which appears to have been turned on its head.

Miner on the Moon is an art installation by Alex Chinneck, who constructed a new facade for a former livery stables in Southwark to make the building look like it was upside-down.

The project takes over a structure that was first built in the 1780s as a storage facility for horses and carriages, but until recently had been left as an empty shell with a colourless facade and boarded-up windows.

“I was interested by how the architectural silhouette of the building had been created with this function in mind and I wanted to conceive a concept that responded to this shape and the building’s history,” said Chinneck, who lives in the UK capital.

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