Unusual overhanging office reflects “chaotic” Beirut

Unusual overhanging office reflects “chaotic” Beirut

Beirut-based architects Bernard Mallat and Walid Zeidan have designed an office for Nestle Waters where the top floors projects out by 15 metres to allow trucks to access the adjacent warehouse.

The projecting office was designed to be a gate at the entrance of the site for trucks and pedestrians to pass through.

The building in Beirut is supported by eight steel columns, which are nearly 10 metres tall and set at different angles.

“They wanted to consolidate their offices with a major warehouse as well as a vehicle maintenance area, rather than have everything spread out across the city,” Mallat told architecture website Dezeen.

“The intention was to make the columns as visually light as possible and have them complement the volume. Had we chosen to place only two columns, they would have been heavier.

“The apparent randomness of their angles, and of the arrangement of windows at the sides, is not just aesthetic – it also speaks of philosophical issues. Our world is not rigid and regular, Beirut is also quite chaotic yet it works. In some ways the project reflects that.”

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