UNStudio unveils futuristic airport scheme for Georgia

UNStudio unveils futuristic airport scheme for Georgia

Top Dutch architecture firm UNStudio has revealed its impressive design for the new Kutaisi Airport in the former Soviet state of Georgia.

The design for the new 4,000 m2 Transfer Terminal and Air Traffic Control Tower was officially presented by the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili.

Ben van Berkel, co-founder UNStudio, added: “The design for the new terminal in Kutaisi focuses first and foremost on the experience of the traveller by creating an inviting, safe, transparent and user-friendly airport.”

The new Kutaisi airport will provide an economic impulse to Georgia’s second city and its new seat of parliament.

“The desire to provide for and communicate equally with both international visitors and the local community is paramount,” added van Berkel.

The 4,000m2 terminal building is structured around a central exterior space which is used for departing passengers.

Ben van Berkel continued: “The design for the new airport embraces the traveller by embodying the circumstance of the site. Moments of both leaving and returning are celebrated by the large span, open spaces and high ceiling of the terminal structure – reflecting the ways in which such gestures were employed in the great railway stations of the past.”

Cantilevered roofs provide sun shading on the south and southwest zones. A hybrid low pressure ventilation system will be integrated into the terminal’s main structure and the floor will contain a grey water collection system.

To further lower energy consumption there is the possibility to implement large areas of photovoltaic cells on the roof surface.

A key design feature of the complex is a sculptural 55m-high air traffic control tower, clad with a transparent skin which can change colour.

Construction on the airport will begin in December 2011, which operations set to commence in September 2012.

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