UNStudio reveals V-shaped tower in Singapore

UNStudio reveals V-shaped tower in Singapore

Dutch firm UNStudio has revealed its striking design ‘V on Shenton’ in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District.

The two-towered project features a 23-storey office building, which remains in line with its neighbours, and a 53-storey residential block which stands out from the surrounding buildings.

A third sky lobby in the residential section marks a change to the internal layout with a split core.

The project forms part of a major redevelopment of the former UIC Building, which was the Asian country’s tallest building when completed in 1973.

Ben van Berke, lead architect on the project, commented: “The pattern of the façade comprises four to five different textures, each varying depending on the programme.

“At times the glass of the façade creates texture through the relief effect and the coloured-side lighting, whilst the volumetric balconies of the residences create a deep texture in the total volume of the building.”

Sky gardens offer green spaces for residents and employees while residents of the penthouse levels will have exclusive access to the outdoor roof terraces.

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